The B-52’s Cindy Wilson Will Play At The Turf Club on 3/28


One of the most recognizable Voices of the last few decades, Cindy Wilson set out on her solo debut and her tour will bring her to the Twin Cities at the Turf Club on Wednesday 3/28. Tickets are available HERE

Supporting her will be Olivia, Jean, Easter Island and DJ Jake Rudh

Known the world over as a vocalist, songwriter, and founding member of the one and only B-52s, Cindy Wilson has made a truly extraordinary solo debut with her new CHANGE (Kill Rock Stars). The album – which arrives just in time to celebrate the legendary singer’s fortieth anniversary in the musical spotlight – marks a milestone for Wilson, abounding with pop creativity, ingenious production, confident songcraft, and deeply felt emotion. “This music is beautiful,” she says. “And I love beautiful.”

CHANGE began for Wilson nearly a decade ago upon her part-time return to her hometown of Athens, GA. She first encountered local musician Ryan Monahan when his Beatles tribute band was hired to play her son’s birthday party – “One of the best parties ever,” says Wilson. The veteran vocalist and talented young musician began teaming up for gigs, beginning with R.E.M.’s star-studded 30th anniversary event. “Ryan and drummer Lemuel Hayes and I put together a few songs and it was fantastic,” Wilson says. “That started our own musical relationship.”