The 1975 at First Avenue 12/10/2015


You know a band it hot when ticket for their next show go on sale before they play there current (and very sold out) show. British band The 1975 came to town and the teenagers came out in droves to First Avenue.

Opening the evening was Birmingham, GB band Swim Deep, who had just released their 2nd album “Mothers” in October. They clearly had a number of fans in the audience who were familiar with the songs played in their 30 minute set.  The performance started dreamy and ethereal but changed to more rocky tunes. Overall a perfect way to get fans ready.

The 1975’s stage setup pretty much took over First Avenue’s stage the side. There was no music leading up to their set only a bass drone amplified through a number of subwoofers parked in the pit. As they took to the stage, she drone pitch rose and cut over to the tunes of “Love Me” their new single. The set was large LED lit platforms and pillars that were often used to silhouette the band members. The overwhelmingly young and female audience sang along and responded screams to band members’ poses.  Band security was tighter than we normally see at First Avenue but did not impact the show or the fans at all. Overall this felt like a much bigger show than the venue would indicate and the crowd had a most excellent time.

Set List:
Love Me / Heart Out / Settle Down / So Far (It’s Alright) / The City / You / HNSCC / Menswear / Change of Heart / She’s American / Me / fallingforyou / Somebody Else / The Sound / An Encounter / Robbers / Girls
Encore: Medicine / Chocolate / Sex

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