Terror We Fall Bring the Intimate The Innocent Tour to The Garage


After trudging through the frigid Minnesota cold for the better part of a week and a break from going to shows, it was a relief to be able to get to a show and be a part of the crowd again.  Upon arriving at The Garage, I was unsure of what exactly to expect for a turnout, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the show was going to be hosted in The Lounge, the side stage to the main room.

The first band of the evening was local eclectic band Wimbledon Alley.  Based in St. Cloud, the solo project fronted by Jeremy Heath was accompanied by a full band for the group’s first ever performance together, which fluctuated between being a noticeable and an unnoticeable observation throughout their set.  Wimbledon Alley played a healthy mix of original and cover songs throughout their set and were overall an enjoyable act to watch. 

Up next was local Minneapolis based alternative rock band Within Waves.  The band played an intricate set, with a lot of their songs drawing influences and inspiration from bands like He Is Legend and mewithoutyou.  The band made their set memorable by creating a very relaxed and chill atmosphere, contrasting the music that poured out from the stage and making their set a great experience. 

After Within Waves left the stage, the next band up was fellow local hard rock band Shades of Dissonance.  From the moment the band took the stage, they brought a new and refreshing energy that was amplified from their charismatic performance.  The definitive highlight of Shades of Dissonance’s set was the incredible stage presence of each member of the band, but most noticeably their singer, who constantly darted to and from every part of the stage. 

Terror We Fall, the headliners of The Innocence Tour, were up next, and while not the closing band of the night, the band played an incredibly high energy and interactive set.  Even though the start of their set was delayed by small technical errors, that did not deter the band from revving up their performance.  Throughout their entire set, each member ran across the stage, filling the small room with a large amount of emotionally raw energy.  Playing The Garage for the second time in their careers, their set made them a band that would be welcomed back any time. 

The last band of the evening was alternative rock band Ashes From Stone, another local band on the stacked local lineup.  The band brought a very different vibe to the stage; this was the only band of the night with stage props and banners, complementing the energy of their music and their stage performance.  Each member of the band appeared stoic at first, but the deeper they got into the set the more the band opened up on stage, making their set more enjoyable with each passing song.