Tegan and Sara Strip Down Songs and Souls at the State Theatre


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their album “The Con” Tegan and Sara released “The Con X: Covers” collaborating with some of their favorite LGBTQ artists. Their tour with the same name made its way to Minneapolis’ State Theatre last night. The tour is also raising funds for the Tegan and Sara Foundation in its fight for economic justice, health and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

The crowd reflected the wide following the duo has gained with a wide range of ages, and the State Theatre, while not quite sold out, was nicely filled. The set played through the entire album and then added a few bonus songs from other records. The performance was stripped down, almost acoustic with no drum set, highlighting Tegan and Sara on a raised platform. Experiencing the songs in such a clean manner, without “distractions” was very interesting and highlighted the lyrics which always have been a hallmark of the artists. Lights were a lot more subtle than at last year’s show but worked quite well.

Every once in awhile, they would stop and talk about the album, personal experiences or just respond to feedback from their fans. Those moments felt real and unrehearsed. Like when they told the story of sharing a plane with Sam Smith prompted by a shout of “You’re pretty” from the audience. There were insights on their relationship as twins (Sarah sees herself more as a cat and Tegan as more of a dog), thoughts about “The Con” and the anxiety and depression behind some of the lyrics. As much as the music, those conversations connected them to their fans and turned last night into an impressive concert experience.

Set List:I Was Married  \ Relief Next to Me \ The Con \ Knife Going In \ Are You Ten Years Ago \ Back in Your Head \ Hop a Plane \ Soil, Soil \ Burn Your Life Down \ Nineteen \ Floorplan \ Like O, Like H \ Dark Come Soon \ Call It Off \ Now I’m All Messed Up \ The Ocean \ White Knuckles \ Living Room \ Bad Ones (Matthew Dear cover) \ Red Belt \ Closer