Teenage Fanclub At The Varsity Theater… What It Did To Me


It’s been awhile since I stepped foot in the iconic Dinkytown venue, The Varsity Theater. Over the years I have seen some very powerful shows there such as Frank Turner, Los Campesinos! and AJJ, but none more influential than the band I got the honor of seeing on Monday night, Teenage Fanclub. 

The band has been a long time favorite for my family, especially their ground breaking album “Bandwagonesque” so seeing this group meant a lot. The band that was bestowed with the honor of the opening slot for the tour is “The Love Language”.

As the band took the stage the crowd pushed towards the front of the room in anticipation to hear the band from North Carolina. From The Love Language’s first note the band took the crowd by storm with their wide variety of music. The band sounded like a mix between The Kinks, The Vaccines and none other than Teenage Fanclub. The Love Language played an impressive 40 minute set that didn’t leave the audience unamused. From surf to pop to rock the band delivered on every letter. I highly recommend you look them up and give them a listen.

Just after 9:00pm the one and only Teenage Fanclub hit the stage. The group opened up with their song “About You” and immediately got the crowd jiving with them. A few songs in they started talking about how they were going to be putting out a new album soon that they recorded in Berlin. Then they went into their new single “Everything is Falling Apart”. Throughout the night Teenage Fanclub played a wide span of material from all over their career such as: Alcoholiday, Catholic Education, Planets, Hold On, and I’m in Love. They closed their main set with their biggest hit “The Concept”. Seeing that song live was worth the price of admission and had the crowd cheering and singing with every word. For their encore Teenage Fanclub busted out “The Fall” and their first every single “Everything Flows” to close out the show. It was an absolutely incredible way to end the night. With singing and cheering Teenage Fanclub left Minneapolis with way more than we could ask for.