Ted Nugent Pulled Out All The Stops for a Sunday Night Performance at the Myth Live


With summer in full swing, there is one thing to make the warm weather a little bit more special . . . the annual Ted Nugent summer tour. This year, Nugent along with his funk brothers Greg Smith on bass and Jason Hartless on drums rolled into Maplewood, MN and took over the Myth Live for a Sunday night concert.

Opening the evening was a band straight out of the Twin Cities, Hoodlum Johnny. They hit the stage and completely KILLED IT! With very little chatter in between song, this rock’n trio immediately had the crowd on their feet. With a seamless classic 70’s type sound, Marshall enforced shedding guitar work, killer Rickenbacker bass lines, and a drummer that beat the holy crap out his drums, they definitely won over current fans and gained a bunch of new ones (including me).

As 8PM topped the hour, Ted Nugent promptly hit the stage. At almost 70 years young, the Motor City Madman still kicks your ass live and continues to play the sexiest most groove infused guitar driven rock your ears will ever hear – and the fans love it! No he isn’t jumping off amps anymore, swinging across the stage or nailing targets with a bow & arrow, but his almost two hour show remains an iconic rock-n-roll circus like no other.

More formally referred to as Uncle Ted, he kicked off the night with an amazing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. The crowd response was incredible and grew to a loud roar as Nugent broke into the ever popular “Gonzo”. This night, Uncle Ted kept a low tone on the political banter and fully let the music do the talking while on stage although he still has a way with words. At one point during the night, he simply told the cheering fans that he is living the American dream . . . he gets to Rock n Roll all summer then kill shit the rest of the year. (referencing his avid hunting)

Long time bassist Greg Smith was on top of his game and the 23-year-old drummer Jason Heartless shined through with his skills on the skins. The sum of these three musicians on stage equals one of the funkiest Rock-n-Roll trios ever. During the set, Nugent rolled though many hits and seemed to be playing to all my favorites. The crowd loved every bit of it and the response for the wisely selected setlist was met repeatedly with huge applause.

Ted Nugent proved once again in 2018 that he ain’t going anywhere and that after 50 years and thousands of concerts he can still fill a venue with ease and musically kick ass!



  1. Hoodlum Johnny had a killer set with
    John tore it up guitar
    Kuj killed it on bass & vocals
    Eric was a Rockin’ Beast on drums
    And then
    Ted Nugent (going on 70 is still the
    Motor City Madman) came out killed it
    for close to 2 hours, Myth Live truly
    Rock all night..

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