Taureg Whirlwind Bombino Will Return To The Cedar On 6/5


The Taureg are nomads of the Southern Sahara.  For centuries they found the sweet spots in the wilderness and built a culture that has been as rich as it has been full of strife.  These days the people find themselves torn by warlords and religious strife.  Somewhere along the line Bombino, who was born in the shade of an Acacia tree,  heard the blues and picked up a guitar.  His life has been dedicated to bringing peace through music as opposed to the gun.

Details and times can be found HERE.

Mixing those sensibilities with the African rhythms and phrasings of his people, Bombino has brought the music of his desert home to an international audience.  He received American acclaim after Black Keys’ super producer Dan Auerbach brought him into the studio for his Nomad album.

The new album Deran is more of a return to his roots.  To accomplish that, he returned to Africa where the album was recorded in Casablanca, Morocco.  Pitchfork calls the album:  “a sublime iteration of desert blues that’s both authentic and ambitious”.

If this return trip to The Cedar is anything to like last year’s stop, expect a full house.  This show will not be seated.  Seats for a Bombino show would be a torture.  If this band’s music doesn’t make your body move, nothing can.

Opening for Bombino is Native American blues man Corey Medina and his band Brothers.  Medina is a member of the Navajo Nation who found his way to northern Minnesota where he has found a home.