TAT Is Back With A Brand New Bag Of Rock 7/26/2015


Photos by Markus Akre

TAT are back with a brand new bag of rock! Straight outta London, the British trio knocked out 2 UK charting singles, which kicked off 5 years on the road promoting their debut album Soho Lights with the likes of NOFX, Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Lagwagon.. and 3 Warped Tours. After a much needed break in 2012 TAT got to work on the greatly anticipated follow up to their debut.

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‘I started writing this new album on tour and knew it would sound different; getting that different right however, isn’t’ something I wanted to rush…’ says Tatiana, the band’s front woman/guitarist. Writing and producing music for herself and other artists since she was 16, it’s clear Tatiana’s influences and productions from Rock to Hip Hop have found their way into the fabric of the music.

TAT will be taking some of the new music live on the road this summer before heading back into the studio and wrapping the writing and recording process. TAT fans, rally! Newbies come get your faces melted.

We caught up with TAT after her set. Check out the clip below: