Coeur de Pirate at the Cedar – 2/11/2016

February 12, 2016 Markus Akre 0

How does a young French-Canadian singer/songwriter come up with the stage name Coeur de Pirate (translates to A Pirate’s Heart)? Take a douchy ex-boyfriend with a solo project named “Songs for Sailors”, Myspace and a […]


Charly Bliss at the Cedar 7/23/2015

July 27, 2015 Markus Akre 0

I had never heard of “bubblegrunge” before Thursday night, but I was fully immersed in it after Charly Bliss’ set at the Cedar. There is no formal definition for this oxymoronic genre, but you can […]


Veruca Salt at the Cedar 7/23/2015

July 25, 2015 Markus Akre 0

Veruca Salt’s indefinite hiatus ended in 2013 with a Facebook status that read “for now let’s just say this: hatchets buried, axes exhumed”. It was a simple message that said a lot, which is indicative […]

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