Sylvan Esso Turns The Palace Into A Dance Party Tuesday Night


Photos by Vito Ingerto

Starting a two show run at the Palace Theatre Tuesday night, Sylvan Esso gave the packed house  workout that would make Richard Simmons proud. The Electronica duo is out supporting their latest release Free Love. Opening for them was Lido Pimienta.

Columbian born Lido Pimienta took the stage at 7, and the folks who arrived early were treated to a unique musical experience. Everything about her was beautiful, her voice, her dress and her moves. Blending elements of infectious African beats, indigenous themes and electronica, Pimienta created a totally incomparable sound. She resonated profoundly, and one couldn’t help but feel they were in the presence of an artist.

Sylvan Esso came out right around 8. As the lights flashed randomly on the backdrop, Amelia Meath broke into “What if”. Nick Sandborn walked up to his music making setup as smoke billowed across the stage. Meath appeared in the smoke, wearing a leotard and arm coverings overlaid with prismatic patches that shimmered in the spotlights. The brief “What if” gave way to the extremely danceable “Ferris wheel”. Instantly, there was a palpable intimate connection between the musicians and the crowd. Meath definitely had on her dancing shoes, and when she said she can’t wait, then asked can you?, the Palace shook with a thunderous “NOOOO!”

Hypnotic, huge bass lines pounded the theatre. How can only two people transmit such a rich depth of sound? Meath captivated the audience with her choreography, mesmerizing everyone in the room to move as one giant organism. What started off as slow tempo numbers quickly ascended into frenzied rave like jams. “Die Young” absolutely crushed it. How is it possible to sound better live than recorded? Not sure if it was the First Avenue sound system or the tour’s sound engineer, but the show was a sonic masterpiece.

Sylvan Esso packed all of the fun of a high school basement dance party into their set Tuesday night, leaving the all ages crowd sweaty and smiling.


What If – Ferris Wheel – Train – Dress – Die Young – Frequency – Wolf – Uncatena – PARAD(w/m)E – Kick Jump Twist – Rooftop – Hey Miami – Radio – Free(Mirror) – Coffee – Numb – Play It Right – HSKT – Rewind – Make It Easy