SueCity at Buster’s Bar and Grill on February 19th, 2016


Friday night, February 19th, brought people, good times, and good music to Buster’s Sports Bar and Grill.  It had been quite a while since I had visited Buster’s and a night of music with SueCity, Angry Waters, and Glory Horse was the perfect event to make a stop there again.  I got to the venue and there were quite a few people gathered there for this show.  I was really happy to see such a show of support for live music!

The show was scheduled to start at 9:00 pm, but this rock show was fashionably late and started a little closer to 10.  Glory Horse was first to go on and even though they had some sound issues with the microphone squealing for most of their set, they still sounded really good when the mic was working right.  They played a few covers, including some Alice In Chains, and some of their original songs.  I hadn’t heard Glory Horse before and it was a nice treat to listen to a new local band.  The lighting at Buster’s is always different and tonight stage left was almost completely dark because the light was pointed at the floor that was supposed to light that area up.  Anyway, I worked with the lighting the best I could and got a few shots.  The keyboard player was the one caught in the dark corner, as you can probably tell in my photos in the slideshow below.

The next band, Angry Waters,  I had just seen last week at The What’s Up Lounge in Mankato, but it was nice to be able to see them again!  With what I would call a laid back rock style, (the kind of music you’d love to hang out by a fire in the middle of a nice summer night listening to), Angry Waters is no stranger to the area playing many shows throughout the time they’ve been together.  They had more room on the Buster’s stage, so they were able to spread out and include more members this time though.  I’m always amazed by this band because they have been around so long and have had quite a few people join them at different shows.  This show was one such show as they brought on a new guitarist for the last part of their set.  It allowed Jeff to stand up and play his guitar backwards and, as you can see in the photos below, with his mouth!  They have a lot of great shows scheduled, so if you’re in the area, head out to see Angry Waters!

SueCity took the stage with the same pumped up energy that I had remembered them doing!  The crowd was packed up by the stage at this point and it was clear that they had been waiting for this band.  Right out of the gate, everyone was singing along with the 80’s style music and 80’s covers that SueCity provided.  It didn’t take long for more people to make their way up to the stage as well to join in the fun.  As I mentioned in my review, this show marks the first one in almost two years for SueCity.  I think the amazing turnout and the energy both given out by the band and returned from the fans proves that everyone hopes it won’t be another two years before we see them again!!  Taking photos got quite a bit more difficult, however, as the lights were almost turned down to nothing during the time I had for photos.  I did manage to get a few that were ok though.  Hopefully, the next time I see SueCity there will be better lighting at the show.  As you can always do, check out the photos below.

All issues with the lighting aside, this was a really great show and it gives me hope to see such a great turnout lately at the venues in Mankato.  Let’s keep this trend up!

As always, support live music and I’ll see you out there!