STRFKR and their astronauts take over First Avenue


First Avenue was ready to party Friday night as indie rock band STRFKR promoting their new album “Being No One, Going Nowhere”.

First Ave was already busy when opening band Psychic Twin took the stage. Brooklyn, NY’s Erin Fein and Rosana Caban played in matching outfits starting on the same keyboard before taking vis-a-vis positions (is that called the Lucius position in the music biz?). Their sound is a dreamy pop that’s light and bouncy at the same time. Psychic Twin’s current album is “Strange Diary”. Playing First Ave clearly had an impact on Fein (as evident by her Holy Shit outburst). I enjoyed their set and the duo hung out at the merch booth for quite some time for their fans.

Gigamesh is the stage persona of Minneapolis’ Matthew Thomas Masurka a DJ and producer. His DJ set had the crowd dancing and singing along (especially to “Tongue Tied”) which was a good thing as his mom was in the audience watching.

Then came the time for STRFKR. . Members are Joshua Hodges, Shawn Glassford, and Keil Corcoran. The Portland, OR band has made a name for themselves for their great live shows and did not disappoint one bit. Four Astronauts / Dancers lined the stage and and the band came on stage with their female lead singer – wait WHAT?. False alarm, it turned out to just be Hodges in a dress, wig and sunglasses. And he wore them well. STRFKR opened with well-known songs before firing off a blast of confetti from the Astronauts and moving to music from “Being No One, Going Nowhere”.  The set leaped from one over the top moment to the next. Psychic Twin joined them on stage (clad in helmets of course), there was crowdsurfing and then there was an inflatable winged sea horse / unicorn complete with astronaut that went on a ride on top of the audience. Fans ate up every bit of the show, danced and cheered through the entire evening.
Set List: Atlantis / Malmo / Astoria / Mystery Cloud / Tape Machine / Satellite / Reptilians / Rawn / German Love / Sazed / Hard Smart / Pop Song / Bury us Alive / Something ain’t Right / Open your Eyes / Never Ever / In the End / Boy Toy / Quality Time / Girls / Millions / Leave it all Behind