Steve Lacy Gave The World To The Myth Tuesday Night


Photos by Vito Ingerto

 At 24 years old, Steve Lacy has a really stacked resume. Time Magazine named him Most Influential Teen and Wired Magazine called him a Tech Visionary. He’s done a Ted Talk, walked the runway for Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton collection and produced Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN on his iPhone. The multi-instrumentalist is a driving force in the band The Internet and has collaborated with a list of artist that is just too long to write here. His debut album, Apollo XXI, was nominated for a grammy. His latest release, Gemini Rights, debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200, and was number 1 on the Top Alternative Albums chart, number 1 on the Top Rock Albums chart, number 1 on the Top Rock & Alternative albums chart and number 3 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. Steve made his second stop on the “Give You The World Tour” on Tuesday night at the Myth in Maplewood. 

First up on Tuesday night was Garden State singer and multi-instrumentalist Foushee. She wrote her first song at 6 years old, and hasn’t looked back. She opened her set with the kick ass rocker “Simmer Down” Fouchee was backed by an amazing trio of musicians that kicked out the jams for the entire set. She was high energy, and kept the crowd engaged with her powerful stage presence. The setlist was an encyclopedia of musical genres, and really highlighted Foushee’s dynamic range. 

Steve Lacy came on right around 9:15 and the packed crowd just went nuts. Steve just oozed cool from every pore as he made his way to the mic. He opened with a “Buttons”, a cut off his latest release. Live, it was equal parts funky and smooth. Did I get a little bit of a Prince vibe on this tune and “Give you the World” later in the set? Maybe it was the purple lights. Lacy’s songs are extremely original in their composition and matchless in their structure so there is nothing really to compare them to, they are just unique and real. (All Prince like qualities) “Playground” was the highlight of the set for me, there is just a depth of musical legacy in there. It transports you to a warm summer day, laid back and free.

Lacy is crazy talented, and the fact that he is so young makes me happy thinking of the many years he will be gifting us with his talent. 

Set List: Buttons – Mercury – Only If – Playground – N Side – Lay Me Down – Static – Helmet – Sum – Infrunami – Ryd – Cody Freestyle – Amber – Give You The World – Sunshine – Bad Habit

Encore: C U Girl – Dark Red