Spend “An Evening With Lazerbeak” At The Parkway On 3/5


If you know anything about the Twin Cities’ hip-hop scene, it’s likely that you’ve heard some music made by Lazerbeak. He’s a founding member of Doomtree, he’s produced so many great records (Lizzo’s “Lizzobangers,” anyone?) and most recently, he released his third album, “Luther.”

“Luther” is a bit of a switch up from his usual heavy-hitting, everything’s a banger, “let’s party” kind of sound. But… it’s better than anything I could have imagined! It keeps things mellow, but engaging. “Luther” could easily be the background soundtrack to an all-nighter work session, or listening to it could be an activity in and of itself. Each track stands along like a single, but melds seamlessly into what comes next.

It won’t just be music, you can see the new songs broken down live, hear Lazerbeak talk about his creative process and the deep dive into the messages of mental wellness and mindfulness that inspired it, listen to unreleased material, and enjoy many special guests – both old and new – performing selections from the producer’s two-decade long discography. 

So… now’s your chance to hear “Luther” live! On Friday, March 8th Lazerbeak will be having his album release show, “An Evening with Lazerbeak” at Parkway Theater. Seeing someone in the Doomtree collective always exceeds expectations, so don’t miss out.

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