Snow Show 2k19: Third Eye Blind And Co. Rocked Out At Myth Live


Snow Show 2019 was a trip down memory lane for most of us, and the forming of new beginnings for many as this was an all age concert, but the usual distraction of teens and tweens running around was absent as we were all locked in to one of the best all-around shows of the year. 

This was my first time at myth, as well as my first time seeing all of these artists live, however one thing was familiar and that was Twin Cities radio station host 96.3 GO and their amazing taste for music. To start things out we had local act Gully Boys who are based out of Minneapolis itself. The band had killer vocals and rocked out to get Snow Show on a hot roll from the beginning. Check them out not only for their musical talent but as well as their message – being an all girl band, they spoke up before leaving stage: “Ladies, go find some friends and start a band. There’s not enough of us” and that line gave me chills. Going back to this being an all-ages concert, who knows what those comments and their performance did to inspire those in the audience. While lead singer Kathy Callahan had killer vocals, and Natalie Klemond slapped the bass and sang like no other, who really caught my attention was the drummer and vocalist Nadirah McGill. She seemed to be the heart of the band personality wise and the author of the previously mentioned quote. Regardless, the group obviously carried an immense amount of chemistry that is not to be overlooked if you are ever looking to get into a local and growing artist. 

Next up we had the blue-haired New York rock group, Dreamers. The Trio came out and killed it from the start with their catchy guitar riffs and guitar-hero-like group stage presence. Not to mention their majestically colored, long, wavy hair that swayed with the tempo of their songs. They really got the crowd going, getting us to clap along to a variety of their hits, but what really got us all wired up and ready for the rest of the night was their hit “painkiller.” They changed vibes a couple of times, but kept things energetic and “lit.” One of their final songs was a hit titled “die happy” and lead singer Nick Wold had an awesome dance break that I will never forget. Fellow band members Marc Nelson and Jacob Lee Wick brought an intense amount of energy in their own rights, as well.

The final opening act for Third Eye Blind was a group that I first discovered when I was about fifteen years old because they had a song in the soundtrack to FIFA 12 on Xbox- Smallpools. The group came out lead by Sean Scanlon who has one of the most unique voices of all time and an uncanny ability to play the keys. Other key members were Mike Kamerman on guitar who was just as engaged with the crowd as he was his guitar, and Beau Kuther on the drums. The group was joined by a handful of other musicians as well that are not to be overlooked – I just don’t have the certainty of their names, but anyways! Sean really lead the pack when it comes to stage presence, talking to the crowd in between songs and telling stories about each one before they were played. A key moment of their whole set came out of a fun little anecdote – they band picked the name “smallpools” blindly, thinking it meant nothing more than what it sounded like, but Sean talked about how when the band was new and just starting out they would take the time to search for themselves on Google and… they quickly found out “smallpools” was most often associated with the small pools that killer whales were kept in against their will. A harmless name got very controversial! That same story lead to the creation of the song “killer whales” which was performed with a giant, inflated killer whale being thrown around the crowd – still not sure what that was meant to imply, but… moving on! They closed out with their famous (FIFA soundtrack highlight) song “Dreaming” that if you have not heard, or need a good song for your cardio playlist, check it out! Smallpools would have nearly stolen the show had we not known that Third Eye Blind was still in the brew. 

Third Eye Blind came out with smoke and lights and a whole lotta energy. Lead singer Stephan Jenkins has not missed a beat since they first started, running around and dancing on stage, slowly taking off layers of his outfit throughout the set, and obviously loving every second of his time performing. Drummer Brad Hargreaves had an awesome position on a platform above the main stage level, as well as Colin Creev who joined him on the higher ground with his keyboard. On the main stage next to Jenkins we had guitarist Kryz Reid and bassist Alex Lecavalier, that held the front of the stage down while Jenkins ran around, dancing and jamming with each band member throughout the entire setlist. What was neat about the whole performance, minus kicking things off with a bang and having their huge hit “never let you go” come on nearly at the beginning of their set, was the stage lighting and effects. Sure, this was a rock show by its nature, but the lights and lasers almost reminded me of a show I recently went to – Illenium. 

So, I was sitting in the back of the general area of Myth, leaning against a trash can and just taking it all in, when about ¾ of the way through the show a kid who had to have been 12 or 13 came over and decided to sit next to me. We didn’t talk, we didn’t even make eye contact besides that first initial look he gave me that was suggesting “hey, can I sit here?” and I just shrugged because – well, it’s not like I owned the trash can! He sat down, and had the fattest grin on his face. He was taking in a band that I knew when I was younger than he probably is now, and he will take this forward with him for the rest of his life. Isn’t that amazing? Music is something special, and it has no barriers. Their entire set was a blast, pulling out songs old and new, but what we have to remember is that Third Eye Blind has been making music for over twenty years. Their jams “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” have been played in dorm rooms and high school basement gatherings since the late 90s, and now there was a new generation being exposed –  their legend will live on for the foreseeable future if not forever.