Smallpools And Morgxn Make Us Happy At The Fine Line


As I walked up to the Fine Line, all felt right with the world. I had just enjoyed a very nice meal with my family, found perfect street parking half a block away and was headed to a concert on a Sunday night. Of course the universe chose to send a reminder that things are not the same as they were in the past in the form of a couple with no vax cards or test results trying to get into the venue. Alas I did not come to debate common sense but to see a show…….

Opening the night was Morgxn, a singer / songwriter from LA. One of the first things he did was invite everyone to “do that annoying thing and use flash because my jacket does cool things”. His set was a mix of his own songs and some covers and dared fans to guess the song based on the first word “Hey”. With a new EP MERIDIAN: vol 2 just released his joy of being able to play music “for someone other than my dog” was evident through his set.

After a quick changeover Smallpools took the stage to a tropical / polynesian sounding tune. In case we had forgotten who they are, they opened with a few familiar songs before diving into their new album “Life in a Simulation”. “Passenger Side” brought a couple of technical issues that singer Sean Scanlon navigated through flawlessly joking that “Our sound guy is getting the most stage time yet this tour”. 

The title of the album was inspired (or so we were told) by the last year and a half feeling like we were in a gigantic Sims Earth simulation that some kids had set to “Disaster Mode” and then walked away from.

Through the set the joy of the band being on the road again and connecting with their fans was evident and the crowd clearly shared those feelings. All in all a perfect ending to Sunday. If your colleague shows up with a smile on their face at work (or on Zoom), ask them if they were at the Smallpools concert last night.

Set List: No Story Time / Stumblin’ Home / Passenger Side / Street Fight / Ancient History / American Love / Life of the Party / Mother / Over & Over / Science Fiction / Lovetap / Simulation / Killer Whales / People Watching / Million Bucks / Dreaming

Encore: Slowdown / Mason Jar