Slush Is No Match For All Them Witches And Plague Vendor At The Fine Line


So I drove through this (insert expletive HERE) show storm to get to this show…………. That’s how half of our reviews seem to start the past weeks. Like the rest of Minnesota the TCM team has spend to much time moving snow, digging out cars and paying mad uber surge rates. Hats off to our contributors, we made it to all shows we committed to so far. So driving through deep slush Saturday night to the Fine Line was just another rite of winter passage to see All Them Witches.

The band that got me to brave the roads was the opener – Plague Vendor. I had caught them at Rock the Garden in 2016 and their music, stage acrobatics and attitude was my favorite set that day. Seems the band remembered as well, because one of first things singer Brandon Blaine asked from the stage was who in the crowd was there that day and also gave a shout out to the Current.

The smaller stage at the Fine Line prevented said acrobatics but did not diminish the energy one bit. The smaller room pulasted from their bass lines and Blaine ventured into the crowd for part of a song. One song had members of the audience doing trust falls from the stage and Blaine mentioned the sheer number of love taps he received.

Nashville, TN band All them witches was the headliner. Once again I was seeing a “new to me” band and the slow drawn out instrumental intro to “Funeral for a great drunken bird” pretty quickly cued me in to what to expect. This was to be a journey in what seemed like the past. Between the guitars, distortions, dark lights and smoke the Fine Line traveled back a few decades and turned into a hazy venue that would be well at home in the 70s. All them witches sound draws even the most clueless audience member (in this case me) into their grasp. It doesn’t matter if you know the songs or are a fan of the genre. You’ll get immersed in their sound and vibe. “Diamond” (identified thanks to the setlist) was my favorite song of the set. Slow, driving and the bass just pounding the venue.

I was happy to see a good sized crowd filling the Fine Line despite the weather. I got to see a band that was as good as I remembered them and a band that got me to like a genre I wasn’t much into. And that’s worth braving a bit of slush for any day.

Setlist: Funeral / 3-5-7 / Diamond / Dirt / 1st vs 2nd / Fish / Manic / Harvest / Workhorse / Charles / God / Rob’s Dream / Alabaster

Encore: Talisman / Blood & Sands