Sleeping With Sirens Electrify Skyway Theatre with The Medicine Tour


After almost exactly a month away from shows, I found myself starting my year at Skyway Theatre to catch Sleeping With Sirens. I had to think really hard about the last time I saw this band, and my last actual recollection of seeing a full set of theirs was when they opened for Pierce The Veil at The Cabooze nearly ten years ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this band; they’ve been on and off of my radar over the last decade. However, I could tell by good sized crowd of people that this Sleeping With Sirens show had a good lineup and show in store. 

The biggest letdown of the night was that I had issues at the door and sadly missed all of Point North’s set except for their last song. I hadn’t heard of this band before, however, after seeing their energy and crowd response on one song I knew I had to take up the next opportunity to catch them live. 

Next up on the bill was Chicago based Belmont. This band is not a stranger to Minnesota; they’ve played a good amount of shows here, notably at The Garage down in Burnsville. I just started getting into their music and I was definitely excited to see how their recordings translated live. I was definitely far from disappointed. Belmont had an infectious pop punk energy that radiated throughout the crowd. It was difficult not to get a little hyped up watching their performance; they brought an incredible force of energy to their show and made their live performance something I will be looking forward to seeing again and hopefully soon. 

The penultimate band of the night was Set It Off. This was another band that I have heard of and have most likely seen before but it was not a recent experience. With that said, when the three piece wakes onto stage to a loud wave of cheers and screams from the crowd, I knew there was a hype to this band. They came out with a commanding force and gave the crowd an incredible performance. Lead singer Cody Carson stole the stage for their entire performance; there wasn’t a moment that he was still or wasn’t interacting with the crowd. Their commanding stage performance and natural presence made their set at treat to be a part of. 

Last but not least were headliners Sleeping With Sirens. To be completely transparent, I haven’t really heard much of this band’s music since they released “Let’s Cheers To This” back in 2011. In a way, I liked that, because I tend to judge music on record more harshly than if I were to make a connection with it by hearing it live.  Sleeping With Sirens stormed into stage to the roar of the crowd and did not slow down for one minute throughout their entire set. Even during their slower songs the band went off, maki their set extremely fast paced. The crowd was filled with a lot of fans spanning their entire career; it didn’t seem like there was a quiet person in the entire venue. Songs like “Leave It Behind,” “If I’m James Dean You’re Audrey Hepburn,” “Do It Now Remember It Later,” and “If You Can’t Hang” got some of the biggest crowd reactions of the entire night, with fans cheering and screaming along to every word. Honestly I’ll admit that Sleeping With Sirens really felt confident and put on a triumphant live show that I would definitely find myself experience again.