Slayyyter Coming To Turf Club 5/16


The gorgeous and talented Slayyyter will be stopping by The Turf Club on Monday, May 16th and you will want to be there!

Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Slayyyter worshipped pop culture from afar, a devout acolyte of such top 40 stalwarts as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. She realized early on that if she was ever going to hear the music of her dreams, she’d have to make it herself. After dropping out of the University of Missouri, she began to record music in her bedroom as Slayyyter, a pseudonym she borrowed from her favorite Dazed and Confused character. Her debut single “BFF,” a collaboration with Ayesha Erotica, was written in between her shifts as a receptionist at a hair salon.

Slayyyter caught the internet’s attention almost instantly with her distinctly colossal, Swarovski-encrusted pop on a shoestring budget — glossy and saturated, but thrifty and entirely on her own terms. “I like doing things myself, I always have in every aspect of life,” she says. “These days, you can make big budget-sounding pop, but have it be totally DIY. These songs are just written by me and my friends. I want to keep the ideas raw.”

LoveLeo will be supporting Slayyyter. Leo Reilly grew up in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles, sharing backyard space with black bears and coyotes. He records cross-legged on his bed, directly into his Macbook microphone, over whatever wild combination of a type beat he can find on the web.

Tickets are still available HERE!