Slash Rivets Mill City Nights With A Sold Out Performance 10/7/2015


Photos by David Rubene

As the crown at the Mill City Nights began to pine and shuffle for any sliver of space that was closer to the stage, the anticipation grew strong for the SOLD OUT performance that about to unleash. The lights lowered and the band hit the stage, but all eyes were on the long haired guitarist with a classic top hat. Donning his trademark look, Slash took his Les Paul and they kicked off the show. His effect on the crowd was palpable. If the venue weren’t so packed folks would have been on their hands and knees offering up their firstborns, but they just resorted to wild yells and head banging.  It felt as there were people from miles around that could hear the echoes of his first few licks and they pulled out their concert t-shirt prayer mats and prayed in the direction of Mill City Nights. It truly was a spiritual experience for many of the die-hard fans that waited outside the venue hours before the show.

If you were able to peel your focus away from Slash you would have seen a talented group of musicians that held their own while sharing the stage with the guitar extraordinaire. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators came out with their own attitude and personality that could have made the weaker audience members faint from sensory overload. The Conspirators were perfect match for this because they inherently have a complimentary sound to Slash, yet a level of distinctness. The show began with a circus-type intro that applied to the whole show, as it was a night full of and wonder, excitement and awe.

Set List
You’re a Lie
Standing in the Sun
Back from Cali
Wicked Stone
You Could Be Mine
Doctor Alibi
Welcome to the Jungle
Beneath the Savage Sun
Civil War
The Dissident
Rocket Queen
Bent to Fly
World on Fire
Sweet Child O’ Mine

Paradise City

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