Sir Sly Is Slick At The Fine Line For A GoShow


My introduction to Sir Sly’s music is probably similar to many other alt radio station listeners. In the summer of 2017 there suddenly was this song that sounded both familiar and very different at the same time. “High”, the first single of Sir Sly’s 2nd album “Don’t You Worry, Honey” seemed to be everywhere. And yet unlike some other summer hits I never grew tired or it. I find myself still cranking up the volume. Their follow up “&Run” quickly became one of my favorites. So when I found out, they were coming to play the Fine Line for a Go Show, I just had to be there. Minneapolis was not a scheduled tour stop, so we have to thank Go 96.3 and their Go Show series to thank for bringing Sir Sly to town.


John Chuck and the Class opened the show. Their blend of hip hop and melodic sound went over quite well with the crowd. They have become the go to band for GoMN to open shows and never fail to deliver a properly warmed up crowd. “Chilly the day, but hot tamale” got the crowd involved in the chorus. This song is from the new album they are currently recording. Alex from local band Denny joined them on stage for a song.

The members of Sir Sly set up their own instruments and when they returned for their set it was to a spoken word intro that also revealed a giant Illuminated brain as the backdrop.

After the first 3 songs, singer Landon Jacobs addressed fans. It was the band’s first time in town since 2014 – and as he pointed out it was as cold as he remembered.  Alright he’s from LA but them the Swedish duo First Aid Kit remarked on the same thing at their show last week – so maybe there’s something to it.

Jacobs’ vocals  weaved through some of the songs, with the synths providing a complex melody. Turns out their sound goes much deeper than their hits – and quite interesting to boot. “Change” had a very new soul feel to it and “Ghost” (the first song Sir Sly ever wrote) was dark and almost haunting.

An equipment issue towards the end of the set had Jacobs bring out a song not on the set list to bridge the time. “All My Fault” had been written in spurts through sound checks and was just him and his guitar. As a surprise to the other band members, there was an ending to the song that they had not heard before.

Sir Sly saved their current hits for last and the energy of the crowd dancing, jumping and singing along was impressive. The set completed with a balcony climb by Jacobs. At times a radio show will have a number of attendees who won tickets and are not particularly interested in the performer. If any of those were in the crowd, Sir Sly turned them into fans with their set for sure.

Set List: Intro – Astronaut / You Haunt Me / Too Far Gone / Altar / 2am / Fun / Ghost / Change / Gold / All My Fault (Solo) / High / &Run