The Shackletons and friends cure the Wednesday blues at The Triple rock


Some nights you don’t really feel like doing anything other than watching Ozark on Netflix and drinking red wine on your couch (I’m not the only one who has these kind of nights, right?). Wednesday was one of those nights for me, but looking our concert calendar here at Twin Cities Media the evening had other plans in store.

One of our local favorites here at TCM – The Shackletons – were scheduled for a headlining set at the iconic Triple Rock. Though we’ve covered these guys a handful of times now, there was no way we were missing them at the Triple Rock – a venue that’s played host to some of the most legendary punk rock bands over the decades. From the mainroom to Memory Lanes Block Party to an intimate Track by Track in our studio, we’ve been lucky enough to spend some quality time with The Shackeltons over the past few months. But each time we cover them, it seems we only find ourselves loving them even more. We’re continually impressed and surprised by brothers Colin, Cameron and Evan Campbell. Something that was evident on their set on Wednesday is their ability to challenge themselves and push themselves to the next level. They don’t seem to be content with just being one of The Current’s Best New Band but rather constantly have their eyes fixed on the next thing, the next milestone, the next album. There’s an infectious energy and creative force driving this band, which after Wednesday night shows no signs of slowing down. If anything – we’re prepared to bet these guys are just getting started.

Wednesday’s set from The Shackletons was perhaps my favorite set from them thus far. The set featured a handful of tracks off their debut EP The Horizon Line, which was released last winter. The Shackletons had the crowd singing along Tusken Raider, Vapor Eyes and Things I Learned While Drunk in Vancouver.Mixed in the set were some new songs we haven’t heard from this trio yet. The sound on their newer tracks had a modern twist and was definitely a departure from what we’ve heard from them so far. I left their set feeling eager for a new album.

Frontman Colin Campbell is a true showman – in every sense of the word. Watching Campbell work the room for their cover of Country Road, jumping off stage and dancing around the crowd I really felt like I was watching a legend in the making! If you haven’t had a chance to catch The Shackletons around town yet, move that to the top of your to-do list asap. You’ll be glad you did.

The Shackletons brought along some friends to the Triple Rock on Wednesday night. The first band of the evening was Ping Pong Intermission. Unfortunately we missed their set but we have heard nothing but great things! They are on our radar and we’re excited to catch them very soon.

One of the bands warming up the stage for The Shackeltons was Minneapolis-based three-piece Last Import. With x’s on their hands, there was an undeniable youthful energy to this surf punk-esque trio. Their energy was absolutely contagious – with the room dancing and singing along to song after song. Frontwoman Emily Bjorke was a force to be reckoned with. Her vocals layered perfectly over the DIY garage rock sound of Grace Baldwin on bass and Jane Halldorson (of Johnny Yuma) on drums. There was a very Hole/Courtney Love or Sleater Kinney vibe to these girls that was absolutely infectious. We’re excited to see more from Last Import.

Following Last Import was Twin Cities based duo Ahem. This two-piece is self described “grungy sad happy fuzz from a bunker in the ground near a lake in Minneapolis,” according to their socials. “This is probably the biggest crowd we’ve played to,” drummer/vocalist Alyse Emanuel said part way through their set. If that is the case – this two-piece sure plays like seasoned pros, with a maturity seemingly beyond their years. There was an infectious chemistry between Emanuel and singer/guitarist Erik Anderson which was was intoxicating to watch as they rotated back and forth on shouty vocals. We hope to see plenty more from these two in the coming months as well.

Thank you The Shackletons and all the great bands on Wednesday for a great night of live music (that was a hell of a lot better than Ozark and red wine at home).