Seconds Out. Steve Hackett Will Bring Genesis Classic To Pantages On 5/7


Don’t you just love it when you’ve got a concert date circled on your calendar for months and the day draws nigh?  Such is the case for Steve Hackett’s return to the beautiful Pantages on May 7.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

Prog rock afficianadoes count Steve Hackett as one of the GOATS.  Prior to Peter Gabriel’s departure to pursue a solo career, the English band Genesis stood atop the mountain with Pink Floyd and Yes.  While Genesis changed rather radically when Phil Collins moved from drums to the front of the stage, the original band produced remarkable music in a highly collaborative manner.  Gabriel’s main collaborator was lead guitar player extraordinaire Steve Hackett.

In the past decade, Hackett has been busy.  He’s been dusting off Genesis classic albums and offering them up along with some brilliant material from his solo career.  Each has seen a world wide tour with sold out shows at the most renowned theaters of Europe. Last time through town, pre Covid, the focus was on the 1973 desert island must, Selling England By The Pound.  That show managed to climb to the top of my Best Of List for the year.  Not only because of my love of the album but because of the execution. 

This year’s tour will feature the 1977 double live classic Seconds Out.  This album was Hackett’s swan song with the band.  While the album never created the level of success that it did overseas, there is an entire generation of college kids who spent hours in darkened dorm rooms beneath blacklight posters digging it for all it was worth.  There it was in a single place.  The best of the best.

Somewhere along the line, sophistication and classically trained chops were deemed by the punk crowd as unnecessary and arrogant.  The fans who attend would disagree.  Just because you can’t create a sound as sweeping as that of Steve Hackett and Genesis doesn’t mean it still isn’t better.