Scrunchies Riff Out In The Entry Friday Night


It may have been steamy in Minneapolis on Friday night, but it was even hotter in the 7thSt. Entry when local rockers Scrunchies scorched the stage with a raucous set in front of a packed house. They are out supporting their latest release Feral Coast and were joined by Allergen and WannaBianca. 

WannaBianca, up first, opened the evening with a high energy set. The trio crated a bass heavy sound with punky drums and ethereal guitars, and had the house rocking. When front woman Hallie introduced a song about her father, she mentioned that he was in attendance and would be available for selfies after the set. They have an EP out, Belly, available on streaming services.

Allergen was up next on stage. Their current lineup is a trio, and the nights set would be the debut of their new bass player. Atmospheric and jammy,  the songs were well thought out elaborate. The bands sound was greater than the sum of of their parts, really filling the sold out venue. They looked like they were having a blast on stage, at one point asking if the crowd hated capitalism. When the room responded in the affirmative, the audience was asked to please visit the merch table. 

As Scrunchies came on stage, the pack entry erupted. They kept up the night’s trio theme. The current lineup has been called a super group, as all the members are or were in killer bands in their own right. Danielle Cusak (no relation to John or Joan) bangs the skins for Bruise Violet and plays bass for Catbath.(Who put on an excellent set 2 weeks ago on the same stage by the way) Guitarist Laura Larson comes from Kitten Forever and Baby Guts, and bassist Matt Castore is in Condominium.

While this band is loud and in your face, they don’t use volume and distortion to cover up a lack of talent. The set was riff heavy but euphonious, each tune a well thought out composition. The songs have an intimacy, urgent but with a delivery that makes you feel like you’re being allowed access to confidential information. 

Another steamy night in Minneapolis couldn’t keep a sold out crowd out of the Entry for a night of incandescent music.