Saving Abel returned to Minneapolis and played the Cabooze


Friday night’s show was a highly anticipated Saving Abel event at the Cabooze. My wife is a huge Saving Abel fan and always is a must see when in Minneapolis. There were four Minnesota bands opening for Saving Abel. I knew It was going to be a great night of Minnesota talent. Because of the early show time I had missed the opening band.

The epic evening started with 32Headshots from Minneapolis, Minnesota. These guys are truly heavy groove power metal Band. They are a very guitar driven. Kyle Rutjes (lead Guitar) played as hard as he could. His skills were simply amazing. Darren Gene (Lead Vocals) vocals were thunderous. The band played a great 40 minute set. The fans loved the high energy of Rutjes and Gene.

Names to Faces was up next. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based band fronted by Jeanine Volk. Jeanine is a extremely talented singer her vocal range was incredible Friday night. The fans loved the rock sound mixed with heartache ballads. They played a eight song set list. The crowd was hooked on Names to Faces and wanted more.

Strange Daze was up next to keep the crowd “ROCKING”. Strange Daze took the stage like true veterans. Scott Knudson (lead Singer) started out with thanking all of the fans for coming out in support of Minnesota music. The band was headbanging to the beat and the crowd went wild. Derrick “Pixx” Russell played a thunderous bass. Derrick was shaking hands with all of the screaming girls in the front row. Strange Daze is a very high intensity guitar driven band. They played a great fifty minute set. The fans were certainly wanting more.

Saving Abel was ready to close the show. The lights went out and the chants started. The intro music began of Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. You could feel the electricity in the air. I was standing near the side of the stage watching Scott Bartlett as he prepared to take the stage. You could see the excitement on his face. The boys from Tennessee took the stage and the crowd went wild. Scott Wilson of Tantric was playing bass for the evening. It was truly a treat to see Scott Wilson play bass for Saving Abel. He brought the next level excitement to the stage. They opened their set with song “New Tattoo”. Scotty Austin was having a great time dancing around on stage. Scotty is a great performer and the ladies always go wild when he takes off his shirt. Shirt came off during song 2. I have seen and photographed Saving Abel many times and they always kick ass. Jason Null (Guitar) is always on point his talent is unbelievable. The fans sang along to all of the hits played one after the next. The fans were singing back to Saving abel “Addicted” as loud as they possibly could. The band loved it. Saving Abel is always a must see band.


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  1. Only disapointment was it seemed the event was poorly promoted with only couple hundred people there

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