(Sandy) Alex G, Japanese Breakfast and Cende make for a fun Tuesday night at the Entry


3 young bands packed a sold out 7th Street Entry last night. Headliner (Sandy) brought Japanese Breakfast and Cende along for support.

Opening the night was Cende who promptly used the opportunity to photoshop their name on one of First Avenue legendary stars – well guys, maybe next time for real :). Their first time a First Ave, they clearly had some fans in the audience camped out in front row.  I enjoyed their set, they have a poppy/young Green Day vibe that got a bit harder and dangerous as their set progressed.

Set List:  Bed / Widow / Bad Crime / End / Anna / M2L / Theme / Don’t Want 2 / Void / Good Crime / (brand new song) / What I Want

Japanese Breakfast could call Minneapolis their second home – after all they have been here 4 times in the past year including an opening gig at the Palace Theatre. Led by Michelle Zauner the 4 piece band started with the impressive “Diving Woman”. I am a sucker for a good bass riff and this song has a great one – of course having it played less than 2 feet from my head certainly helped. Zauner’s voice matched will with the indie rock melodies and she closed the set with singing “Machinist” from the crowd. They are getting ready to release their new album “ Soft Sounds From Another Planet” in a few weeks and are set to return as headliners in the fall. A big shout out goes to Japanese Breakfast’s bass player who got on stage just a couple of hours after having his wisdom teeth removed “The doctor said, it would only take one hour”.

Set List: Diving / Heaven / WTLY / Road Head / Heft / Boyish / Body / Jane / Everybody / Machinist

Recently having to add the prefix (Sandy) to his name Alex Giannascoli just released his new album “Rocket”. I was not familiar with his music before the show and only had read about him being somewhat of a musical wild child, following his own progression.  True to form his set started with a heavy / psychedelic vibe only to switch to more upbeat songs with almost happy guitar riffs.  There was not much of a break between the first few songs – or maybe it was one giant song mashed together? If I was confused, his fans certainly were not, singing along to most of his songs.

Overall a very cool evening with 3 great  artists.