Sad Summer Festival Is Bringing Warped Tour Vibes To Myth Live on 7/25


Do you like sad songs? Are you in the Twin Cities? Do you already miss Warped Tour? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions- Sad Summer Fest is for you.

Headliners State Champs, The Maine, Mayday Parade, and The Wonder years are traveling the country for a day-long music festival. Thankfully, that festival is coming to Myth Live on Thursday, July 25th. 

There will be eight acts total- the headliners mentioned earlier- along with Mom Jeans, Just Friends, Stand Atlantic, and Ashland. Just like Warped back in the day, Sad Summer Fest. is all ages and affordable to attend- tickets are just $36. One of the biggest downfalls of Warped Tour was having so many stages to navigate and run in between- so everything being on Myth’s one stage makes Sad Summer Festival the best of both worlds!

All of the bands are huge names in the emo/alternative music scene and to see them all in one day is a rarity. So get your tickets here while you still can!