Run River North Create A Special Evening For Fans At The Entry


One of the things that I love about the Twin Cities is the sheer amount of live music choices we have each night. My show of choice last night was LA’s Run River North.

Starting the night was another band from LA, New Dialogue. I was not familiar with this fairly new band, but their first song got my full attention. Lively indie pop sound, with great stage presence, personality and vocals? Sign me up for their fan club!

The conversations between songs were also memorable – “You guys don’t think it’s cold outside? F…. You!”. Describing a new song as a first Tinder date, asking for audience feedback. Talking about the soundcheck from hell just this afternoon (they did sound great, and their tour manager did a bang up job with the Entry’s house lights). “Pilgrims” closed their set but not before New Dialogue delivered a great Killers cover – “All These Things That I’ve Done”. Bands like these guys are the reason I will keep showing up early for shows.

Just before the set singer Alex Hwang strolled into the crowd to chat with fans – and my surprised self 🙂 . He then handed out brochures with bios of the band, the set list and a merch coupon. Bass player Daniel Chae explained that they had all grown up in church and cracked a  joke about “turn to this page in your programs”, before promising that this would be a concert rather than a comedy show, appearances to the contrary. Before the first note was even played, this showed to me the special bond between Run River North and their fans.

The audience got to choose between “Lying Beast” and  “Monsters Calling Home” for the first song – and predictably chose both. The band recently lost a few of their founding members but sounded as good as I remembered them from a few years ago at the Triple Rock. 

The first 3 songs were from their recent EPs  “Monsters Calling Home V1 and V2” but anyone in the crowd not familiar with their new music was reminded with “Run or Hide” just a few songs into their set.

I for one had not kept current on Run River North and enjoyed the new songs. The connection with fans wove through the entire set, helped by the Entry’s intimate setting. The evening closed with the second Killers’ cover of the evening – “Mr. Brightside”

Set List: Lying Beast / Monsters Calling Home / Hands Up / Run or Hide / Casina / Monsters / Wake Up / Rearview / I’m Amazing / Okay Cool / Pretty Lies / Lonely Weather / 29 / Growing Up / Mr. Brightside