Ruby The Hatchet Pulls Mill City Nights Into The Valley Of The Snake 9/20/2015


In the mix of present day fast paced Metal, Ruby The Hatchet seems to have found a wormhole to escape through, bypassing about 30 years of influence both good and bad to deliver a throwback of epic proportions. If the stoner rock movement of the 90’s and today’s occult rock/doom outbursts are the bastard, incestuous children of metal and their rock parent, then Ruby The Hatchet is their even more illegitimate older sibling.  Valley of the Snake may not be the nastiest or heaviest album you’ll set your ears upon this year, but to see them perform is certainly one of the most eye catching performances. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better excuse to daydream about fantastical acid trips, loose morals, and bell bottoms.

Guitarist Johnny Scarps has clearly studied at the altar of Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, Kyuss, Nebula, and every other act that let their riffs do the talking.  But man or band can not exist on riff alone and Ruby The Hatchet had plenty to showcase during their performance. Vocalist Jillian Taylor passed down her tales from on high with a voice that simply haunts and enchants all at the same time.

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Fans of metal’s first decade and the genre’s deepest, darkest, dirtiest history will find an amazing amount of things to love about their latest album and in their captivating live performance.  Seeing them live is the equivalent to a sonic orgasm for any metal fan looking for a little rock release.

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