Royal Bliss, City of the Weak, Angry Waters Scheduled to Rock Red Rocks in Mankato


If you have been part of the fun at a Royal Bliss show, you have already been making plans to be at their next show in Mankato, MN on Saturday, December 17th!  In case you didn’t know about them and wanted to check them out, here is a rundown of all the details.  95.7 The Rock Station once again presents Royal Bliss in Mankato, but this time they will be at Red Rocks.  Joining them at this show will be Minneapolis based City of the Weak and local band, Angry Waters.  If you haven’t had the chance to see all of these great bands, then here is your chance!

“Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Royal Bliss has been making their mark for years with a consistent work ethic of writing, recording, and touring that have helped build the success of the band.  Their wide variety of influences from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin, and everything in between, has helped to mold a sound that is uniquely theirs that cannot be denied.  Their “Heartland Rock” speaks to the common man, tells a story and rocks out with a good party crowd, all the while being delivered by the inimitable deep and raspy voice of front man, Neal Middleton and the scorching sounds of seasoned musicians Dwayne Crawford (Bass), Jake Smith (Drums), Taylor Richards (Guitar) and Sean “Memphis” Hennesy (guitar/banjo), who combine to make Royal Bliss.  Their journey is evolving and they are growing as a band that now seems to be making their way down a road pointing eastbound on I-40, all the way from Salt Lake City to Nashville, TN.

Royal Bliss started in a basement as kids who had a passion for music and a drive to succeed.  Over the years their music has evolved from what would echo a late night frat party to now what they call “Heartland Rock”, a musical cocktail that mixes lyrical themes that celebrate American life, dreams and love, all the while paying homage to their southern and classic rock roots.” – Royal Bliss Website

Royal Bliss

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As I mentioned, City of the Weak will also be playing at this show.  From their Facebook Bio:

“From small town Montana to the streets of Minneapolis with a guitar and a fearless attitude. That’s how it all started for firecracker Stef w/ an F as she began building City of the Weak 4 years ago as a teenager. Add fierce guitarist Brent Lindblad & powerhouse Cody on bass and they became the unstoppable force they are today. With festivals like Chicago Open Air, Northern Invasion, Warped Tour dates, South by So What?!, and Rock Fest under their belt, they are quickly becoming a crowd favorite at every live appearance. They began touring in 2012, and by Spring 2014 were rolling across the country full time, clocking around 120 shows a year. After being featured on EMG TV and receiving 700,000 views on their first four music videos, City of the Weak will premiere “Censor This” October 2016.

City of the Weak captures a modern rock ‘n roll sound that is so perfectly defined, combining catchy pop melodies with rhythmic riffs and moving bass lines to create a genre of their own. They are best known for their intensity on stage, as well as their big personalities off the stage. They are currently on tour with Adelitas Way & Cilver, and will be co-headlining the BlondTOURage Tour with Scarlet Canary later this month. Their first full-length album, produced by Craig Owens, will be available Spring 2017. Like Muen Magazine said, “City of the Weak is going to be a band to look out for in 2017 and beyond,” and you’re damn right they are.”

City of the Weak

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Finally, Mankato locals, Angry Waters, will be opening up the show.  As always, from the Facebook Bio:

“Honesty and integrity. If you have a hard time finding those qualities in today’s musical climate, well look no further than Angry Waters.

Angry Waters is a down-to-earth rock band based out of Mankato, Minnesota. Founded in 2003 by vocalist Daniel Wiechert, guitarist Carter Johnson, drummer S.T. and later rounded out by bassist Ben Jacobson and lead guitarist Jeff Kletschka, the band has built a loyal fan base by playing hundreds of shows over the last 7 years. Influenced by a vast array of artists, (Alice In Chains, Bob Dylan, Black Label Society, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Ted Nugent to name a few) Angry Waters have developed a sound all their own. Very distinguishable yet very rock n’ roll.

The band’s foundation was laid with their debut album ‘Distilled in Judson, Mn.’ (April 2005). A very dark and introspective record, it was clear that Angry Waters was a band that would write from the heart. They still close every show with the album’s opening track ‘Destined for the Dirt’. Angry Waters sophomore disc ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ (July 2007) was a bit of a departure from their previous effort. Although there were some very personal songs on the second record, the band also showed the ability to write about far-reaching subject matter such as gun violence in the United States (Powder Burn), among other topics. Angry Waters continued that trend with the release of ‘Angry Waters III’ (December 2010). With songs dealing with religious extremism, combat veterans who get lost in the “system”, and the overall direction the world seems to heading, Angry Waters have shown that no subject is off limits. Of course, ‘Angry Waters III’ still has tracks that are very autobiographical in nature such as the inspired opening number ‘Ours to be Had’ and the touching narrative ‘In Your Arms’. Though the disc’s content is quite diverse, it is reminiscent of all great albums–It can and should be listened to front-to-back.

The future of Angry Waters appears to be bright. With endless possibilities, the band will soon begin the writing process for their fourth record while continuing to play countless shows in southern Minnesota. The band’s ultimate goal is to become a “player” throughout the upper Midwest. But, it doesn’t matter if they’re playing to thousands at a festival or jamming in someone’s basement–Angry Waters will continue to keep the spirit of rock n’ roll alive and well!”

Angry Waters



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Red Rocks


12 Civic Center Plz, Ste 1655

Mankato, Minnesota

Show at 8:00 pm


Ticket Available at the Door or buy them early HERE