Roddy Ricch Impresses And Then Some At First Avenue Last Night


I would like to begin this by saying that I have never seen so much brazen blunt smoking in every part of the venue as what I witnessed last night, usually there’s some discretion from concert goers because as much fun as it it so indulge it is not fin to get kicked out be fore the show is over. I don’t know if security was taking it easy last night or if they were just overwhelmed. With all that said I loved every second of the atmosphere that surrounded Roddy Ricch and his thunderous live show. 

Arriving a little later than usual I assumed it’d be an easy in, the doors have been open for a half hour surely everyone in line was now inside. Wrong. There were still decently sized lines at either entrance of First Avenue. I knew Roddy was popular but it felt last night like he was bordering on a phenomenon. The evening air inside First Avenue was charged with excitement and upon finally getting through the line it was rubbing off on me. The DJ started and everyone went wild. The audience was ready to do just that and the hype tracks didn’t impede their progress. 

The crowd was good and rowdy when the DJ announced the opening act. I had been wondering who’s be playing with Roddy Ricch, I saw nothing online about it, but then again this is the Anti-Social Tour, right? The opening act, fellow Compton native Cuuhraig, was a welcome surprise for those ready to lose their minds. He set the show off well and even set about getting them involved in the show. After a pair of tracks he invited a few young women onstage and hosted a pseudo dancing with the stars episode where he was the star and they all did the dancing. Launching into the rest of his set while they danced, Cuuhraig came through like a well seasoned professional. Hitting all the hype queues and then some as he so quaintly put it “I’m the only opener on this tour so it’s only right that I give you a show!” And that’s exactly what I and everyone else got. His show was a lot of fun and did more than just distract from the anticipation.

Roddy Ricch hit the stage in a very low key manner at about quarter past 9. A sold out First Avenue Mainroom happily greeted him, literally with open arms. It wasn’t long before he played his #1 track ‘The Box.’ I’d assumed He’d save it for an encore or something but it was the second song he played. And I get why he did it. There’s something to be said about 1000 people echoing the words you wrote back at you. Sporting a Vikings Cousins jersey, Roddy made it clear why he, his music and his career are as electric as they are. These were tracks who connected with those who not only listened but opened their ears. Roddy Ricch was back to back with the songs at the start of the set and his singing on the mic sounded top notch. 

The trademark thing I observed last night in Roddys fan base is passion. They are passionate fans. Making time mid set to mention the late great Nipsey Hussle with whom Ricch recoded the 2019 hit track ‘Racks in the Middle.’ He performed the track In memory of the fallen star and the sorrow in mentioning his passing was felt by all. It’s always a treat to watch artist in hip hop pay such respects as its tradition is one of my favorite parts of hip hop. Ricch came across onstage if nothing but humble. His lyrics paint him simply as a street kid who got rich and his level-headedness on stage confirmed that. As the show was winding down Roddy talked to the crowd a bit and once again gave thanks to those in the building for selling out the show. He asked everyone in the room to old up one finger and then again thanked the audience because ‘without you I wouldn’t be #1.’ The trademark squeak of ‘The Box’ could be heard again as he revisited his hit for the second time tonight. And the third. And the fourth.