Red Bull Sound Select invades the Icehouse with Sophia Eris, Air Credits, and Kamaiyah


Red Bull got its start in the world in idyllic Fuschl am See near Salzburg, Austria where I spent my high school years. From the very beginning it extended its reach and sponsorships well beyond what beverages traditionally do. Building a corporate aircraft hangar? Let’s build two and turn the 2nd one into a display of historic aircraft, Red Bull sponsored vehicles. Oh and make it free to the public. While we’re at it let’s include a world leading restaurant with guest chefs from all over the planet.  So it’s no surprise that Red Bull got into the music business and did shook things up a bit with Red Bull Sound Select, working with local curators to bring fans unique shows. The latest event was held at the Icehouse last night featuring headliner Kamaiyah and partnering with Rhymesayers.

The night started with Sophia Eris. One of the busiest artists in the Twin Cities Eris released a solo album last summer but also performs as Lizzo’s DJ, is a radio DJ on Go95 and a veteran of GRRRL PRTY. Her set was heavy on her self titled album. Her songs range from a distinct TLC vibe to soul. She was backed up by her GRRRL PRTY collaborator Manchita and the set ended with a couple of songs from that fun band.

Air Credits is a Chicago based duo playing “Rap music from the future” they claimed to have time travelled from the future to play a show for their ancestors (which would be us, I guess). That theme was prevalent through their set with futuristic sounding voice distortions and beats. Doomtree’s Sims joined them on stage for a couple of songs.

Headliner Kamaiyah came to national attention with her 2016 mixtape “A good night in the ghetto”. After a brief warm up by DJ Vision she took the stage and got the crowded Icehouse dancing in a heartbeat. Know for her sometimes raunchy lyrics the Oakland rapper’s energy ignited her fans. She mentioned loving the small intimate venue. Her set brought the essence of West Coast party music and maintained it through the show.