Raven Black Unleashed the Insanity of Seven Sins at Opinion Brewery


Take a moment and consider what it would be like to experience a dark, twisted carnival. Think of what you would see. Now add in an entrancing heavy metal and toss in a bit of high-energy. What you end up with is really only one thing … the experience of seeing Raven Black live!

On Tuesday night, I made my way to Opinion Brewery to catch Raven Black on there Minnesota stop along THE HEX O’CLOCK TOUR. Raven Black, originating from Los Angeles, is wrapping up a North American tour that has taken them from coast to coast. Their latest album ‘Seven Sins’ has release to very strong reviews and is probably one of my current favorites. There is a very compelling vibe in their music, as it is not too often that I check out new music online and immediately get hooked after one simple song.

I arrived in time to catch two of the local supporting bands, Infamous Memories and Karma Suta. Both bands did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up and fully engaged. Infamous Memories cut through a solid set that was definitely hard driving metal.

Karma Sutra brought an interesting twist to the stage, with a display of Steampunk attire but also mastered their hard driving metal sound.

After a short break it was time for Raven Black to start their set. I have to admit, I was buzzing a bit in anticipation of the band taking the stage. As the lights dimmed and the smoke rolled from the back of the stage, a creepy child-like voice could be heard urging the crowd to “come closer”. As the lead signer Raven appeared, the band rolled into their opening song. The band consists of Raven Black on vocals, The Doctor on guitar, Stitches on bass, and Muppet on drums. Their names, image, and music is all predicated on insanity. Musically, they have found a way to combine elements of nu-metal with the reckless attitude and style of punk. Those in the crowd who had not previously heard anything by the band couldn’t resist the urge to move about to their array of groove hard-driving metal. Song after song, Raven Black completely nailed it. The performance and theatrics on stage were highly energetic, interactive, thought provoking, and even a bit disturbing with Raven moving about with mechanical, doll-like movements.

It would be so unfair to even try to compare this band to anyone else, as they are a great mix of so many things, and boxing in the band’s sound would not do it justice. However, I can easily attest that the performance I experienced was easily one of my Top 5 favorites so far this year and will certainly be a hard one to top. If you have any opportunity to see Raven Black live, don’t miss out. You will not be disappointed in the show … however nightmares and very vivid dreams may occur as a result.