Pytch’s first show of their Icehouse residence is a great start


Minneapolis electronic record label Pytch started their monthly residence at The Icehouse last night. For the next 3 months, they are going to showcase their music and artists they collaborate with. For yesterday’s show, it was Dj TML, Proper-T and a “super-secret rapper person”.

Devata Daun started the evening with one of her signature darkwave DJ sets. Her stage presence tends to be quiet and she lets her music do the talking.

We ran into c.Kostra a few months ago at his CD release and his set was every bit as fun as we remembered and then some. Using his sampled and distorted voice as key instrument with styles and rhythms from all over the planet. Very danceable his songs have a happy vibe to it.

As one of the members of ZULUZULUU Proper-T has been part of a very buzzy band but his solo set started in a different direction. Incense and a dedication of the first song to “untold struggles” (he put it a lot more elaborate than I could write it down in the dark). His set had a jazzy and poetic feel to it as his music seemed to warp around his lyrics as needed.
Daun and Kosta performed a combined set that blended vocal and music styles in interesting ways. Dj TML filled in with several numbers.

The “super-secret rapper person” turned out to be none other than Doomtree member P.O.S. TCM had just covered his show at First Avenue a few days ago, and this was very different. In the much smaller venue Stefon Alexander only set foot on stage to get his microphone and moved into the crowd performing surrounded by fans. The set had a very casual feel to it. It was like he showed up at your house and performed in your living room. He told his DJ to just throw random songs at him and responded to one “oh, that one’s going to be difficult”. Another rapper (whose name I missed) joined him in the crowd for one song. As it turns out Stefon takes pride in his thumb wrestling skills challenging a fan to a duel. “I’m a mediocre song writer, ok rapper, but an excellent thumb wrestler he declared”.
All in all Pytch’s first residence show was a great success with some unique and special performances.