Pvris, Lydia, and Cruisr at Mill City Nights on May 31st


There are a few shows that get my heart beating a little faster when I cover them because I like the band(s) that are playing.  The show at Mill City Nights on May 31st was such a show.  Go 96.3 presented Pvris, Lydia, and Cruisr.  I’d been listening to Pvris for some time and I missed them that last time they were in town, so I was happy to see their show finally.  However, it was bittersweet because they weren’t allowing photographers for their set.  So, for the first time in a while, I actually watched the show!  True, I couldn’t resist taking some photos with my phone, but most of the night was watching the performance, the crowd, and the atmosphere.  I’d forgotten what that was like.

I arrived at Mill City 15 minutes after doors and the line was still wrapped around the corner with people waiting to get in!  After a little trouble with the photo pass, I entered the venue and got right to work, since Cruisr was already on their 3rd song.  I was expecting four bands at this show, but it seems there was and issue with how late the show would go, so Polyenso was not at this one.  Cruisr started off the show right though.  The growing crowd engaged with each song by singing and dancing along.  Even the balcony area was full of people enjoying the show!  Cruisr’s peppy, pop melodies were just what the crowd was looking for to start the show!  They had good lighting for their set and the venue was nice enough to let the photographers get enough songs to get the photos they needed and I have to give them a huge thank you!


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Lydia was up next and kept the pace up during their set.  A little more movement around the floor area during Lydia’s set, and they had a little bit more rock in their music along with the melodic sounding songs.  The crowd beckoned for more and got what they wanted.  The band joked around during their set, which is always nice to see.  They asked if anyone had seen them before and when everyone didn’t cheer, they said “That 1 person has!”  I love it when bands interact with the crowd!  As far as photos, they must be shy.  Heavily back lit and no front lights at all that I noticed.  It made for a nice shot from behind them in the balcony, but mostly silhouettes other than that.  It must look better from the crowd, as many bands are lighting their shows like that.  Anyway, Lydia was fun to watch and the music pulled the crowd in and kept them having a great time.


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Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for!  Pvris took the stage and from the moment they started, they had the crowd jumping and singing along!  I had my cameras put away, since we couldn’t shoot any photos at all, and was able to watch the excitement build as the set went on.  Pvris started out fast and kept it going for a while, then slowed it down for a few songs.  The thing I really liked was Lyndsey talking with the crowd between songs.  Asking if they had more energy for them or if they were bored and wanted to eat and joking with the crowd.  When someone said food sounded good it was decided that Chinese food was desired!  It was mentioned that they had played in the Neither Bar previously and there were only about 10 people there and when people cheered, she joked that those must have been those 10 people!  That kind of interaction is cool to see.  After a few slow songs, the pace jumped back up again and kept building right on through the two encore songs.  I would highly recommend seeing Pvris live as it will be a show you will not forget!  I will be looking forward to the next time they are in the area and hopefully I’ll be in the pit taking photos next time!


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Here are a few of the photos I took from my phone.  I will add the photos provided by Pvris when I have them.

All things done, it was a great night of live music!  I’m glad I was able to check it out!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!