Pitbull Goes From Guilty Pleasure To True Favorite At Mystic Lake Show


I don’t think my coworkers were taking my excitement level seriously. I get it, I come off as this hardcore/ metal listening to punk but everyone has their guilty pleasures and mine was performing just about forty minutes away from the cities last night. The excitement was too much and work was pointless so I left early and headed into the burbs to Mystic Lake Casino to see the one and only Pitbull.

Pitbull, AKA Mr. Worldwide, AKA Mr. 305 is one of those people that I used to bash until I saw him live a couple months ago. His live show definitely exceeded my expectations and his personality was that of a normal human, not a superstar. As soon as last night’s show was announced, I knew it was one I just couldn’t miss. After a quick dinner and a quick spin on a few slots, my friend and I made the trek from the casino to the beautiful grounds where outdoor concerts are held. I said it last year and I’ll say it again, Mystic Lake Casino has a beautiful outdoor amphitheater that’s run in a very organized manner with some of the nicest staff I’ve ever dealt with. Last night was no different. After grabbing a drink, my friend and I found ourselves lost in the masses just waiting for the man, the myth, the legend to take the stage.

Right at 8:30 the music booming through the speakers faded out and you could feel the anticipation grow in the packed crowd. After a small intro from his band, Pitbull and his beautiful dancers hit the stage and jumped right into what would turn into an expansive set of hit after hit, banger after banger. The last, and first, time I saw Pitbull I was truly surprised by just how many songs I recognized and could sing along to. Although I was prepared this time, I saw my friend have the exact same reaction. As he would kick into every song, she would turn to me with this giant cheesy smile screaming, “I didn’t know this was him!” and then quickly snatch up her phone to snap a short video. The amount of hit songs this man has produced, been featured in, and done everything for is truly jaw dropping and just one of the many reasons that I find myself completely obsessed and in love with this man.

Although the music seemed to be constant through the hour and a half that Pitbull graced the stage, there were many moments where he would take the time to address to crowd. At one point he went into a thing about how there’s one thing that brings people closer together than religion, sports, race, etc. and that thing is music. The way he announced this definitely resonated with me. Music is and always will be the one constant in my life so hearing a superstar as bit as Pitbull talk about the importance of it was truly heartwarming and comforting. It was as if, in that moment, I realized that this whole concert-going thing and having zero social life outside of shows is okay because I’ve found what’s important to me and, although typically surrounded by strangers, those strangers and I have a crap ton in common.

Sure there were plumes of smoke that shot up from the stage throughout the concert and there were giant screens playing intricate videos that added a little something something to Pitbull’s live show but, beyond that, the show seemed to be very understated. Pitbull clearly has the money to make a whole production out of every show but the fact that he does the bare minimum and makes it just about the music is yet another reason how I justify my obsession with this man. Instead of a four song encore (which he could have easily done) he left the stage and didn’t come back. He had gotten on the stage, done his job and created a perfect atmosphere for the entire audience so him not dragging it on was sort of refreshing. Of course I was bummed when I realized that he wouldn’t be coming back out but I was more than content with everything he had already given me as an audience member.

I don’t know if it’s his music, his personality, his hips (oh lord his hips), his signature aviator sunglasses or the way he had my friend and I truly having the time of our lives last night but I love this man. Go see your guilty pleasure band or musician. I promise it’s worth it and they may go from being a guilty pleasure to being a true favorite.