Pile comes to the Entry, does a good job………….


Boston band Pile has gathered a pretty dedicated following as they keep reinventing themselves with each new album they release. Promoting their latest “A Hairshirt of Purpose” their tour brought them to First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on Tuesday night.
Minneapolis trio Double Grave started the evening. A reincarnation of Ego Death their set was fun to watch and listen to with catchy guitar riffs.
Set List: Work / Polaroid / Straya / Control .2 / Nu / Flirting / Rapture / Botched? / Laetitica

Gnarwhal, a Nashville duo formed by Chappy Hull and Tyler Coburn took to the stage next. The first note on my pad was “drummer in bootie shorts”, followed by “now lost his shirt”. And that’s the kind of set it was. Wild, fuzzy, with plenty of hair flying. Their new album “Crucial” will be out tomorrow (5/12).
Best sentence I have heard all year? Drummer Couburn to a fan after the set: “Let me find some dry shorts, so I can hang out” – and that right there should tell you about the energy level Gnarwhal packs into a 45-minute set.

Pile started their set promptly at the advertised time. On their sixth album and 10 years as a band under their belt, they have built somewhat of a cult following noticeable by the diverse and excited crowd. Pile was a new band to me and one my first impressions was their very interesting song intros. To me there just was some extra magic in those. The crowd clearly was not new to them as many fans sang along to songs old and new. Singer Rick Maguire noted that he always like coming to Minneapolis, since somehow he always “gets f’ed up in this town).
After the first couple of songs a very Minnesota thing happened. A voice rose from the crowd: “Good job, you guys!” – as good an endorsement as a band is likely to get around here.
Set List: Baby / Worms / Hissing / Ropes / Motel / Fish / Dogs / Texas / Hair Shirt / Special / Fingers / Leaning / Jones