PIG, Julien K and Ghostfeeder to plunge St. Paul into Darkness on 7/1 at the Amsterdam


The keep St. Paul from drowning in Ed Sheeran’s gooey sticky lovey dovey feels, the Amsterdam Bar and Hall comes to the rescue with a rather dark lineup this Saturday. Pig the musical project of Raymond Watts of early KMFDM fame is headed for St. Paul and will play the Amsterdam on 7/1. Tickets are still available HERE

Supporting PIG will be Julien K and Ghostfeeder rounding out an evening of dark, industrial, electronic sound.

<PIG>(Raymond Watts) inhabits a genre of one. How to begin to describe it? We can start with KMFDM, since the unforgettable Englishman behind it – Raymond Watts – was a founder member. Once you have a certain combination of hard rock, soulful electro-pop and funk in your head, you can introduce Foetus: big band, blues and classical samples pounded into place by some behemoth of machinery – but <PIG> zigs where Foetus zags. JG Thirlwell was a frequent collaborator and shaper of the early <PIG>sound; he appears on ‘Peoria‘ and ‘Sick City‘ and produced the first couple of albums. Accordingly, Watts took a brief turn in the Foetus live band, and contributed to the first two Steroid Maximus albums.

So, we’re up to hard rock, electro-pop, funk, big band, blues, clanging metallic percussion, samples of classical, world music, soundtracks … and we can throw in the auras of his erstwhile collaborators, too: the swaggering, strutting sexuality of 90s Foetus topped with the effortless glamour of KMFDM. Then take his time in Japan, where he’s played with Schaft and Schwein – sounding roughly like all of the above but with Buck-Tick’s punky Visual Kei sensibility added to the mix.