Phoebe Ryan Returns to Minneapolis for 7th St Entry Show


Phoebe Ryan made her Minneapolis return recently and brought with her a few friends including some local talent. Phoebe had opened for Tove Lo’s main room show early in 2017 and this time headlined her own show. With Phoebe came openers Morgxn, a Nashville based singer, and Austin Minnesota native Molly Kate Kestner for her first Minneapolis show. I will make a few heads turn saying this but I actually preferred Phoebe’s set at the Tove Lo show. I have known Tove Lo in the same context EDM featured tracks and other vocals but never hopped on the train myself of her solo act. Likewise Phoebe Ryan was not a singer I was knowledgeable on as a solo act previously but have grown to enjoy a lot of her music.

First on the night was local artist Molly Kate Kestner, an Austin native and after YouTube gave her a worldwide audience she was soon after able to move to California and pursue her career in music. And I think all of us are thankful for hat, and the wonders of the internet. Being a fan of the crooner genre Molly was a welcomed sound for me. Not at all what I expected but a pleasant surprise as many openers are. Molly did not perform her viral hit, His Daughters, sorry to disappoint fans. She addressed this accurately as the crowded made requests by telling them the set wasn’t long enough. Which was no issue ultimately because I think it would be fair to say that Molly was solid. Reminding me of what I love so much about singers like Nikki Yanofsky, Molly is a charismatic singer and her sweet personality is hard to deny and like.

Following up came Morgxn, a singer I had zero clue about prior to seeing the show announcement. Out walked a bright blonde haired guy and then I learned quickly what Morgxn is all about. Of his songs my favorite two were definitely Home and Love You With the Light On. Both are great entry songs to Morgxn’s style and as a fellow newcomer to his music if you are looking for tracks to test him out those are solid. For a style that is much like Phoebe’s I think it was hard to gauge Morgxn’s style entirely because I kept getting the sense that he would be happy to jump all over a large stage if allowed. That coming from the fact Morgxn is pretty high energy and loves to chat with the audience during and between songs. I’ll be curious to see his music and career evolve as there is some big potential for following a similar path and Phoebe and Tove with vocal tracks on EDM and club mixes as he builds his own music.

Through a plume of smoke and a now much better lit stage at the entry came Phoebe and her signature green hair. A few people I told what I was doing that evening looked at me like I was a nut. Which is understandable. Phoebe doesn’t strike most as the kind of singer a 28 year old male that enjoys photography, fixing things, lifting, and Lord of the Rings would go see willingly. Well, I was happy to go and will go as far as to admit I liked Phoebe before Chainsmokers featured her on their hit, All We Know. It was me and see of early twenty somethings with a few local middle aged fans sprinkled in, and my streak of enjoyable fans at Entry shows lived on. Phoebe’s set was a mix of well knowns and some songs I hadn’t heard yet. I am still standing by my love for songs like Mine and We Won’t but that’s beside our point here. A song that I overlooked the last time I saw Phoebe is Ignition. A song that is admittedly on one of Phoebe’s older albums but I had somehow never really gotten into. 

Admittedly I did find some new songs which I am still trying to figure out what I liked about them live. It may have been Phoebe’s stage presence which is as social and likable as her voice. Songs like Should I and Dark Side are songs I wanted to like but just seemed to lose me when in person. Luckily, those were my only complaints of the night. For a show that I worried may smash my memories of enjoying her opening in the Main Room of 1st Ave I left pleased and also found some new music to give a listen. Which when you seen shows regularly is something you crave because as much as you fear the possibility of an opener being horrid, you LOVE finding out about new artists to be excited about. This evening was rewarding by that standard.