Phantogram sells out and dazzles at First Avenue


New York’s Phantogram, composed of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are having themselves a pretty good year. Last Fall they released Big Grams, they collaboration with Outkast’s Big Boi and just a couple of weeks ago their third studio album “Three”. Combine that with their hit single “You don’t get me high anymore” and it’s easy to see how last night’s show at First Avenue sold out quicker than Bogart’s Donuts in their first week.
Opening was The Range, the alias of producer James Hinton who release his second album “Potential” earlier this year. He samples from a wide range of influences and creates complex danceable songs. The music is heavy on vocals that he is sampling from people singing on YouTube creating an interesting sound.

Phantogram was live streaming their show on Live Nation last night and visuals clearly have a strong part in their show. After all, a Phantogram is an optical illusion giving a 3D feel to 2D objects. The first 4 songs were played behind a screen on which phantograms were projected. The use a strobes, back lights, smoke and the projections created an eerie feeling. The screen fell revealing the band and the impressive lighting continued. Looking at my images afterwards I saw the precision used to light up only part of Barthel and Carter at times for effect.
Phantogram slowed down a bit with “Answer” to give fans a breather. Phantogram’s encore closed with “Fall in Love” and “You don’t get me High Anymore” to loud cheers from the crowd. This was my first time seeing Phantogram live and I really enjoyed the show.
Set List: Funeral Pyre / Black Out Days / Don’t Move / Turning Into Stone / You’re Mine / Same Old Blues / Answer / Mouthful of Diamonds / Howling at the Moon / Futuristic Casket / Destroyer / When I’m Small Encore: Barking Dog / Cruel World / Fall in Love / You Don’t Get Me High Anymore