Peter Gabriel Brings i/o World Tour To Xcel Oct 3


Few, if any, artists have had the enduring impact of Peter Gabriel over the past half decade.  It’s not often we get an opportunity to see him.  Mounting a Gabriel tour which mixes as much theatricality as music is a major undertaking.  Tickets and details for the show can be found HERE.

As is the case with almost everything Gabriel produces, it will be unique, sprawling and powerful.  This tour, in support of the new album i/o, is no exception.  Rather than release in a traditional manner, one song has been released in conjunction with each full moon.  There are still a few to drop.  Each track comes in alternative mixes, the Bright Side and the Dark Side.  So listeners get the unique opportunity to hear the sonic vision interpreted by two of the best sound engineers in the business.

Gabriel fans tend to fall into two groups: those who go all the way back to his band Genesis, which along with prog rock superstars Yes or Pink Floyd, changed the trajectory of rock and roll.  Then there are those who came to the party during his remarkable solo career when his most radio friendly album SO produced a bushel of hits.  Both fan groups will find something to love.

Early reviews have been glowing.  The show is spectacle and stretches nearly 3 hours.  The first part of the show focuses heavily on the cerebral, sublime sounds of i/o.  Then it’s off to the races with those songs that brought him to a wider audience.  This show is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.