Petal and Camp Cope Bring Fans To The Entry


I have always enjoyed the part of work at TCM that exposes me to new artists.and since I’m the primary backup for our writers and photographers I find myself at shows that I would never thought about covering myself. So I found myself at the Entry on a Tuesday night with 3 bands I knew only by name.

The night started with Oceanator, aka Elise Okusami. A solo artist from Brooklyn NY she had released her latest EP “Low” in April. Her music may not have had the crowd dancing, but they certainly swayed with enthusiasm.

Next up was Petal. The band is the stage project of Kiley Lotz who brings in others to round out the band. The tour promotes her latest album “Magic Gone” that just was released a couple of weeks ago. There was a short impromptu dance to “Raindrops are falling on my head” before the set started. There was a somewhat geeky, fun aura around the whole performance. A vibe that made Petal very relatable to the audience. There was a range of songs from slow to rocking that kept things interesting. One standout for me was her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” dedicated to a scorned, badass woman.

Closing the night was Camp Cope from Australia. The trio completed the nights transition to female indie rock with a pretty hard rocking set. Their latest album is “How to Socialise & Make Friends”. The entry was quite full for Petal and Camp Cope proving to me there is strong interest in bands like we saw that night. Not I show I would have picked for myself, but I had a good time and fans seemed to have a blast.