Passion Pit Brings All The Passion Possible To Palace Theatre Show


My bucket list is vanishing quicker than I would have ever imagined and it has honestly left me floored. Last night was one of those shows that, while watching one of the few bands left on said bucket list, I couldn’t help but wonder what twelve year old me would think right now. With the lights whizzing around me and the feel of the bass thumping in my chest, call me dramatic (which I totally am and don’t apologize for), but it was just kind of a perfect storm. My journey has been a long and insanely bumpy one but there I was, watching Passion Pit, a group who’s lead singer has also had a long a bumpy road, with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

Kicking the Tuesday night show off was Canadian group The Beaches. The four piece promptly took the stage and treated the excited and packed crowd to their quirky almost old school feeling rock ‘n roll music. A great opener for what would turn into a truly spectacular night, the gals of the band let the music do the talking for them. Without much to say between songs other than the heartfelt thank you’s that rolled off the tongue of each of the members with ease, there was honestly nothing that really needed to be said. Their sound was strong, distinct, and somehow captivated you without even trying. Call it genius, call it art, whatever it was, I was into it.

The reason for my impatience and excitement that had plagued me throughout the day blasted onto the stage right at 9:15. Where to begin with Passion Pit? First off, I’m years behind when it comes to this band. They hit the scene in 2007 with their album “Manners” coming out in 2009 (last night’s show was part of the ten year anniversary tour for said album) and I was so wrapped up in having a very metal reputation at the time that I really didn’t listen to the album much for fear that I would love it and ruin said reputation. Time has passed and I no longer care about what reputation I have and am left kicking myself for thinking I was too cool to let Passion Pit’s music consume me because that’s exactly what it has done these past couple of years. From that iconic 2009 album to their most recent release “Tremendous Sea of Love” that came out last year, everything about this band is absolutely everything that I have ever needed and the way that translated into their live show was nothing short of perfection.

As mentioned, last night’s performance was a celebration of ten years of Passion Pit’s album ‘Manners’ so it was no surprise when the group jumped into their set by playing the album in it’s entirety. The eleven song album flew by but in the best way possible (although had the album been three times as long, I don’t think you would have heard a single complaint from the audience) and was followed up with a five song encore (which still was not enough for me). Although I didn’t recognize all of the songs because, again, late to the party, I did recognize enough to feel myself getting lost in that familiar cloud of nostalgia that I’ve been calling home lately.

Vocalist Michael Angelakos has one of the most distinct voices in the scene and hearing that live was goose bump inducing. He is somehow able to hit the highest of high notes without a sense of struggle. I honestly thought it was all studio made but watching as he ran across the stage while still hitting those notes with ease had my jaw on the ground. Something about Michael and his aura stole the spotlight for the entire show. I honestly don’t know what it was but my eyes were glued to him the entire time. Still wearing the same outfit he has since Passion Pit started (black pants, white button up shirt and a tie), you could see Michael feel the music instead of just performing it. His movements were quirky but also completely organic which added a whole extra something to the music.

Although Passion Pit may as well be called The Michael Angelakos project (and that’s not a complaint!), I would be remiss to not mention his amazing band. Although they take a backseat to the charismatic front man, they never get fully lost in the background. Adding when they need to and taking a step back when they should, much like Michael, all of the band members clearly respect the music and the art. 

Clearly I loved absolutely everything about Tuesday night’s show. From the energy to the music to the lighting– everything was spot on and, for some reason, inspirational. There’s something about Michael and the way he interacted with the crowd that made you feel absolutely everything and absolutely nothing at the same time. Honest and genuine was the name of the game and if you didn’t fall in love with the aura that radiated off the stage then clearly you weren’t paying attention. Read up on this guy and try not to adore him with every ounce of your being. From fighting with bipolar disorder to finding out who he is (in a somewhat dramatic and very life-changing way) and trying to stay true to that without ruining everything around him– Michael is an inspiration and, although he comes off as humble, I honestly hope he knows jut how inspiring he is to so many people around the world.

I walked into last night’s show clearly excited because I was finally going to cross Passion Pit off my bucket list but the night turned into so much more. Some bands and performers can hit you right in the feels without even trying and that’s exactly what Passion Pit did.