Oh Wonder and LANY at First Avenue on Friday, June 3rd


I had the chance on Friday, June 3rd to check out Oh Wonder and LANY at First Avenue, and I have to say that I’m glad I went!  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but when I got to the venue about a half hour after the doors had opened and there was still quite a line, I knew this wasn’t going to be just another show!  Once inside, there were already a lot of people ready for the show.  The floor was full and the balcony was quickly filling up as well.  After I got my camera gear ready, I went over to see what the bands were offering for merch.  Oh Wonder had mostly clothing items and LANY had the same and a couple of vinyl albums.

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The show started right on time at 9:00 pm and earplugs were needed even before LANY started playing!  The crowd was definitely looking forward to seeing LANY judging by all the screaming!  Some girls in the front row had flowers for the singer, and they were excited when he grabbed them!  There were also tons of signs made that the crowd was holding up during the show.  The singer even grabbed one and held it over his head for a while while singing.  Speaking of singing, I could hear everyone singing along with every song the whole time I was taking photos.  LANY put on a highly energetic performance with a great mix of songs.  While waiting for the next band, I thought it was cool to see the band taking and hanging out with the fans after they had taken down their gear.  I could tell the hugs, signatures, and conversation were greatly appreciated by everyone that stopped over to see them.  It was pretty clear that LANY had won people over the last time they were in Minneapolis and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an even larger crowd next time they make a stop here!


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The second and final band, Oh Wonder, took the stage next and got almost the same reaction when they took the stage.  Oh Wonder’s songs were a little slower in nature than the previous bands, so the crowd wasn’t dancing a lot, but they were sure singing along to the songs!  Each time a song was announced, the crowd yelled in excitement as if that was the song they were waiting to hear.  The singers had lights on them most of the time, so they were easy to see and photograph, but the two band members behind them weren’t so easy with all the fog and not much lighting.  Still, their performance was full of passion as well as crowd interaction between the songs.  This show was the first stop on the U.S. part of the tour and they repeatedly said how happy they were to be playing in Minneapolis!!  Let’s hope that means they will be back soon!

Oh Wonder

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I’ve often said to go out and check out a show even if you aren’t familiar with the music and I’m glad I took my own advise!  This was an amazing show and I’m glad I was able to be part of it!  Check out First Avenue to see what other shows are coming up!

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As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!