Of Montreal Will Be At The Fine Line With Lily And Horn Horse On 3/11/2020


On March 11th at the Fine Line Music Cafe, of Montreal will take stage alongside Lily and Horn Horse. Tickets are still available HERE

Lily and Horn Horse consists of lead vocalist Lily Konigsberg and “Horn Horse” Matt Norman. The NY based duo came to be byway of a misplaced blanket and broken blanket – we can only hope that some of their songs tell us more about this before of Montreal takes stage.

of Montreal, from Georgia USA, is an indie pop band that was created by Kevin Barnes in the year of 1996. Known for their psychedelic pop vibes, Kevin Barnes, Clayton Rychlik, Jojo Glidewell, Davey Piece, and Nicolas Dobbratz are carrying with them over a dozen albums of possible hits on the setlist, with their most recent album being “Ur Fun” being dropped just this year. Don’t miss out on this fantastic show!