Odesza Rules The Stage At The Armory


I had seen video clips and heard from friends who had been to a show but that did little to prepare me for Odesza’s live show at the Armory last night. The evening started early with the opener kicking off things at bit after 630 PM  (being an all ages show)

Nasaya, born and raised in Reunion Island. Reflects his upbringing in his music that shows global influences. His set started mellow but raised the energy level as it moved along.

Elderbrook’s set brought a change of vibe as he adds his vocals. Both the crowd and the energy level grew during his set. 

After a quick changeover it was time for the mighty Odesza. Named after their current album “The Last Goodbye” their tour had them playing large venues and the Armory had to put on a 2nd date to accommodate Twin Cities’ fans. To call their set multi-sensory would be an understatement. Sound – of course, Sight – the clips running on the large screen behind them were well crafted and timed, Touch – does getting blasted by heat from pyrotechnics count?, Danger (it’s a sense, ok?) – how about a drone racing overhead catching shots, Smell – everybody was dancing, Taste – I TOLD you not to the lick the floor, didn’t I?.

All joking aside, it was an intense, immersive experience.