Now in Theaters: Saint Motel’s The Motion Picture Show at First Ave on 2/29


Saint Motel will be at First Avenue on February 29th, with a Red Carpet to be confirmed to welcome us to The Motion Picture Show tour. Pick out your best dress, get ready to fight off paparazzis before KOLARS takes the stage to open, and save some time by getting tickets in advance HERE

Before we check in to our stay at the Saint Motel, we will have a chance to see an act from outside our dimension: KOLARS. Based out of LA, they’ve been described as everything from Desert Disco, to Space Blues, to Glamabilly, to… will their sound be something we’ll recognize as Earthlings? We sure hope not, as the this duo-founded group of Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown stared out in a folk group way back when before releasing their first self-titled album in 2017, since then getting some of the reviews that are both praising and out of this world from the Huffington Post and Paste Magazine. They have taken the stage over 400 times since 2016, and are making waves with a ground-breaking “tap-dancing drummer” in Lauren Brown and musical leader in Rob Kolar. 

Saint Motel must have grown up a few blocks down from KOLARS as they are also from LA, but with how big that city is they probably never met each other until their music brought them together. Dream pop is just one genre that describes this uplifting and energetic combination of A. J. Jackson leading with vocals, piano, and guitar. Joining Jackson is Aaron Sharp on guitar, Dak Lerdamornpong on the bass (also has THE coolest name of all time, might I add) and Greg Erwin (cool name too, but not Lerdamornpong level, ha). These guys have been releasing hit after hit since 2007 or so, with ForPLay being the first album of several and their most recent being The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This indie pop/rock/all around great, upbeat music producing group will be an absolute treat. We can stream their music in so many ways these days, but I will never forget their hit “My Type” that was featured in EA Sports FIFA 15 that I pumped more hours of my life into than my high school teachers at the time will ever be allowed to know: