Noah Alexander Brings The Plott Hounds Music To An Acoustic Level 6/24/2015


When a group of artists typically perform live and electric in larger venues, it is always a welcomed treat to see them scale down to an acoustic level. Noah Alexander brought that acoustic flare to The Plott Hounds music at the crowded MaGillycuddy’s in Anoka, MN. He was joined by other band members Jeff Powell on guitar and Ansley McAllister on vocals. There was even an appearance from bassist Shea Marana who thrilled those in attendance with harmonica playing for the evening.

The sets included a well picked selection of The Plott Hounds best known favorites, crowd pleasing covers, and new songs ‘Daylight’, ‘Living Free Or Dying To Try’, and ‘This Ain’t No Country Song’ which will appear on The Plott Hounds new album ‘Living Free’ (releasing in July). The evening may have been scaled back, but the level of energy was not. Noah, as always, established a commanding presence and quickly gained attention in the small room. As he and Ansley joined together in harmony, people turned their attention away from eating and drinking to the music that unfolded. The duel acoustic guitar work between Noah and Jeff was off the wall crazy good. On electric, Jeff has carved out a distinct style that is reminiscent of classic/southern rock, core blues, and a pleasant splash of country to wash it all down. This style and sound transitioned over smoothly on the acoustic guitar. Later in the set, Shea Marana showed up and joined the trio for a few songs with a masterful harmonica contribution.

When you typically think of an acoustic performance, one immediately believes the evening will be mellow or on the relaxing side of things. This performance was anything but mellow or relaxing. Energy in the room continued to grow as the evening went on. Scaled back? Yes, but only in band members and electric amplified presentation. In true representation of The Plott Hounds, Noah, Ansley, Jeff, and Shea left onlookers stomping their feet and applauding for more.

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The Plott Hounds new album ‘Living Free’ will hit the streets July 7th but is available now for pre-order on iTunes. The Plott Hounds will have their CD release party at The Cabooze in Minneapolis on July 11th. Tickets for this event are on sale now.

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