Nightly and Urban Cone play The Triple Rock


Some nights are exactly what you expect and others are the opposite. I was expecting to roll up to a completely sold-out, packed Triple Rock on Saturday for Nightly and Urban Cone, but rather I arrived at 7:45 to a rather intimate crowd. Though the Triple Rock didn’t fill out on Saturday night, that didn’t stop these two bands from putting on one hell of a show.

Opening up the evening was Nashville-based quartet Nightly. This is a name that I had seen buzzing around the Twittersphere through other music publications I follow and was excited to finally catch them live. Nightly has the look, energy, and sound of a band destined for big things. Their sound was polished, with a very finished commercial pop sound. However, nothing about Nightly was generic, but a sound and presence all their own. “We’re kind of a young band, we only have four songs out, but we’re gonna play some new songs for you if you don’t mind,” said frontman Jonathan Capeci. Again, though the crowd was intimate at the Triple Rock that didn’t stop Nightly from putting on a hell of a set. “I know it’s early, it’s still light out, there’s not many of you here. But we can see all your faces! And you guys look good,” Capeci joked. “You know, if only one of you connects with one of our songs, that’s all that matters. Minneapolis, I just want you guys to know you mean the world to us by being here. Seriously – thank you,” Capeci said gratefully towards the end of the set. Nightly closed their set with the infectiously catchy single XO.  I hope we see Nightly back in Minneapolis very soon!

The Swedish 5-piece Urban Cone was up next. These guys, like Nightly, have a very polished poppy sound with a little twist all their own. They’re synthy, guitar, driven tracks even got the intimate crowd at the Triple Rock dancing. Urban Cone is another example of the awesome pop music coming out of Sweden and surround areas (think Robyn, Tove Lo, etc). The only thing more charming than Urban Cone’s infectiously catchy dance-pop tracks were their Swedish accents and brightly colored Hawaiian shirts. Urban Cone’s set featured Pumping Up Clouds, Come Back To Me, Out of Focus and a cover of Tove Lo’s Lean On. “So this next song is about a company. A company from Sweden. And Jacob likes to go there every weekend, Emil Gustafsson joked about fellow bandmate Jacob William Sjöberg. Urban Cone launched into their hilariously catchy new song, Ikea. Which if you haven’t heard a Swedish band singing lines like, “road trip to Ikea, we can sleep in the store. Get drunk on tequila,” it’s about as hilarious and wonderful as it sounds.

Though last night might not have been the biggest crowd these bands have ever played to, we’re grateful for them stopping by Minneapolis and putting on a solid set. We hope to see them both back in the Cities very soon!