Night Moves was having a blast in a jam packed Entry


Night Moves are having themselves a pretty good year. Well, by 2016 any band who didn’t not have an artist shuffle of this mortal soil is having a good year but Night Moves does more than that. Their release of their new album “Pennied Days” in the spring filled First Avenue’s main room and “Denise” has been getting quite a bit of attention. So their return to First Ave, this time in the much smaller Entry, filled the tiny space to the brim with fans ready to have a good time.

Starting the evening was Free Music a project by Night Moves keyboard player Mark Ritsema. Synths, sampler and guitar blended with his voice to a very cool sound. At times, I detected synth cords that would be right at home in Vicent Clark’s sound (and I love Vincent, so that’s a compliment).

Unfortunately, I missed Rupert Angeleyes short set (Ike Reilly had a late start next door) so my master plan fell though. Bummer, as I was looking forward to seeing him again.

By the time, Night Moves were ready, the Entry was jam packed and fans were clearly stoked to see their hometown favorites. I decided not to subject the fans to 6′ of Styrian Oak (no, not Arnold, I’m referring to me, silly) trying to push his way through to get multiple angles and instead picked a spot on the side of the stage to take picture. The smaller venue made this a very intimate show and brought the energy level up several notches. There were multiple “I love you” screams and one person apparently admired the coveralls worn by Mark Ritsema. The energy level remained super high throughout the show and I think most fans danced and jumped enough to work out enough calories for a good sized Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving the next day.

Set List: Country Queen / ? / Denise, don’t wanna see you cry / Border on Border / Classic / MJ / Alabama / Flashy Tights / Bedroom / Carl Sagan / Wondering How / Colored Emotions